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A service to let friends upload files straight to your cloud storage.

What is EntourageBox?

"After a trip with friends we wanted to share our photos and got stuck. We had accounts with different cloud storage services. Some didn't have a cloud storage account at all. Sending via email was not an option and nobody agreed on weird file sharing tools. So I sat down and coded EntourageBox basically over night."

Michael Menzel, founder of

EntourageBox solves the void for letting friends with no cloud storage account - or an account with another service - upload files straight to your cloud storage. The service is simple to use and friends can start uploading just by following a URL. All they need to do is drop the files on the website and minutes later the files appear in your cloud storage.

How does it work?

EntourageBox accesses your cloud storage and stores files uploaded from your friends. Therefore, you need to grant EntourageBox permission for OAuth access to a cloud storage service. Credentials sent from your cloud storage provider are stored in our database to upload files until you revoke access or delete an EntourageBox URL.

Given your permission we can accept uploads from your friends under the URL you generated and shared with them. Any uploaded file is stored in a secured, temporary container and queued for uploading. A worker accesses the queued upload tasks (priority uploads first) and moves the file from the secured container to your cloud storage. If everything went well we will unqueue the task and make sure the file is not available in our temporary container. In case something went wrong during upload EntourageBox will retry 4 more times until it will eventually delete the upload request and file.

We support multiple upload services and the process is very much the same for each of those services.


To make the service available to everyone EntourageBox offers a free tier and for demanding users a priority option. A priority option can be purchased for a single EntourageBox URL in a onetime payment. Following, a comparison of the two available tiers:

Free Tier URL

  • 1 MB per file
  • max. 100MB of upload quota
  • Regular upload queue

Priority URL

€1.99 Popular
  • 300 MB per file
  • ∞ upload quota (5GB upgrades)
  • Priority upload queue

Upload File Size

Large files can clog our upload queue in times cloud storage services don't accept files at full upload speed. We, hence, decided to limit the size of single files for now. That doesn't mean you can't upload large data sets, but you might need a software to split the files. For priority uploads your friends can upload with up to 300MB. That's enough to even send small movies recorded over the weekend! For regular free tier uploads, we restrict file size to 1MB.

Upload Quota

Any free tier URL is gifted 100MB of free quota. If your URL is out of quota, you can purchase a priority URL to refill your quota with 5GB. For priority URL owners, we don't want to limit the maximum quota. Initially, a priority URL has 5GB in addition to the quota of a free tier URL. The quota can be extended with 5GB quota purchases.

Upload Queue

The upload queue is the shared todo list for all uploaders using EntourageBox. If many people uploaded files right before you do you might have to wait a bit. Only way to shortcut is to obtain a priority URL.